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All accounts start with a free 2 week trial, and allow you to pay as you scale.


4 millionData points / monthExtra: 15¢ / 10k
1 monthData retention


8 millionData points / monthExtra: 15¢ / 10k
6 monthsData retention


25 millionData points / monthExtra: 12¢ / 10k
12 monthsData retention

Larger Plans

UnlimitedData points / month 
24 monthsData retention

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300 web requests per minute
5 Dynos
1 Postgres database
1 Redis database
0 Custom metrics per minute

Included in every plan


Intelligent Anomaly Alerts

Dynomatic performs statistical analysis to identify anomalous behaviour, and alert you within minutes when something unusual occurs. Learn more


Custom metrics

In addition to our complete suite of Heroku metrics, you can easily measure, monitor and alert on your own custom metrics. Learn more


Embeddable graphs

Embed realtime graphs within your own websites and dashboards. Combine with custom metrics to visualize any aspect of your system. Learn more


Powerful API

Use our powerful, developer-friendly API to integrate deeply with Dynomatic and create your own dashboards and visualizations. Learn more


Unlimited users

Give your entire team access to realtime metrics and alerts, no matter how big your company is. Learn more